Perfumes For Ladies

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( oriflame ) Eclat Femme Eau de Toilette

( oriflame ) Eclat Femme Eau de Toilette

Revered for their delicate beauty and potency, jasmine flowers compose the heart and soul of this fa.....

3,999.00LKR Ex Tax: 3,999.00LKR
( oriflame ) Love Potion Eau de Parfum
4,599.00LKR Ex Tax: 4,599.00LKR
( oriflame ) Paradise Eau de Parfum
5,599.00LKR Ex Tax: 5,599.00LKR
( oriflame ) Seductive Musk Eau de Toilette
2,699.00LKR Ex Tax: 2,699.00LKR
( oriflame ) So Fever Her Eau de Parfum
3,799.00LKR Ex Tax: 3,799.00LKR
( oriflame ) Vivacity Eau de Toilette
3,099.00LKR Ex Tax: 3,099.00LKR
(oriflame) My Red Eau de Parfum

(oriflame) My Red Eau de Parfum

stunning and tantalising My Red Eau de Parfum sets hearts racing with the dazzling magnetism of elus.....

5,799.00LKR Ex Tax: 5,799.00LKR
Grace EDP

Grace EDP


5,800.00LKR Ex Tax: 5,800.00LKR
Whats up Live or star
1,900.00LKR Ex Tax: 1,900.00LKR